windshield recalibration

windshield recalibration

For better driver protection, most automobiles are now equipped with advanced safety systems that create a safety net around the vehicle, reducing the chances of road accidents and the risk of collisions. This range of safety features that aid and warn drivers on the road is enabled by the vehicle’s front-facing cameras.

While incorporating these capabilities is an excellent step towards ensuring road safety for everyone, this also means that windshield replacements are going to be more complicated, as this new technology requires proper auto glass recalibration in order to function correctly.

Reliable Glass is your trusted partner for windshield recalibration in metro Phoenix. Our trained technicians use state-of-the-art Autel and Opti-Aim equipment to make sure that your vehicle is recalibrated correctly.

What is Windshield Recalibration?

The term “recalibrate” gets thrown around a lot in the car industry these days, but what does it really mean to recalibrate a car or a windshield?

Recalibration is basically a fancier term for the process of adjusting the forward-facing camera lenses in your automobile to capture a complete image of vehicles and the road. This guarantees that the ADAS systems and all associated safety features are properly aligned and functional.

If damage occurs and you need to replace your windshield, recalibrating these cameras is necessary to ensure that the vehicle continues to provide the protection you need.

Why do you need to recalibrate your windshield?

Safety is the primary reason that windshield recalibration is necessary. Your vehicle’s camera affects every safety function linked to the ADAS system. A misaligned camera can potentially compromise the functionality of the system and lead to driving accidents.

Even the slightest misalignment – the sensors changing position by a millimeter or degree – increases the risks to your road safety. Thus, it’s crucial to have the cameras aligned perfectly, especially if you are accustomed to relying on your ADAS system.

Reliable Glass is one of the most trusted companies for windshield recalibration Phoenix. Our technicians recalibrate windshields for a wide range of car makes and models. We are the leading Phoenix specialist in windshield recalibration for all vehicle makes including:

  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Audi
  • Chevy
  • Ford

You can count on us to offer you nothing but the highest quality recalibration service. Our trained technicians will be happy to serve you.

What is ADAS?

Newer vehicles come with some level of ADAS system, which affects how your vehicle operates. ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance System is a group of functions on vehicles that utilizes cameras, lasers, sensors and radar to provide the driver with assistance in responding to road hazards.

ADAS systems have both passive and active features that generally assist the driver in the form of warnings. The passive features alert the driver of potential problems, while the active functions are designed to take control of the vehicle in times of danger to avoid a collision.

Common ADAS features are:

  • AEB – Automatic Emergency Braking*
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Blind Spot Detection



ADAS calibration

ADAS calibration


*Did you know that automakers have committed to making AEB standard in all vehicles by September of 2022?


Our team at Reliable Glass offers two types of windshield recalibration – static and dynamic, which should take no more than a couple of hours to complete.

Static recalibration requires the vehicle to be parked, and the cameras aimed at targets on specific points during the recalibration process.

Dynamic recalibration, on the other hand, requires the vehicle to be driven at a set speed to reset and recalibrate the camera system.

Because your vehicle’s advanced safety system is crucial in keeping you out of danger, you should only have your windshield recalibrated by trusted experts.

Working with one of the best windshield recalibration companies in Phoenix helps ensure that all your camera-enabled safety systems are working at the highest level and operating as expected.

Call on Reliable Glass at 602-892-0202 to for your vehicle’s camera recalibrations.  You can count on our expertise and trained technicians to put you safely back on the road.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is The Cost Of ADAS Windshield Recalibration?

    If you want to calculate the actual ADAS recalibration cost in Arizona, you need to consider the fact that the fees to have a windshield with motion detection or other detection sensors recalibrated almost doubles the costs of windshield replacement.

    An Estimation Of Camera Recalibration Costs By Vehicle

    If you are getting the window replaced on a newer vehicle that uses front, side or rearview cameras, the sensors need to be professionally re-aligned, usually by an ADAS Certified Technician

    So how much does ADAS recalibration cost in Phoenix?.

    • Car – about $250 – $650
    • SUV (sport utility vehicle) – about $250 – $650
    • Truck – about $250 – $650

    Does Auto Insurance Cover ADAS Camera & Sensor Recalibration?

    Yes. Insurance covers the cost of  ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) camera and motion sensor recalibration. Having full insurance coverage, which includes glass coverage, is well worth the expense of windshield recalibration in Phoenix.

    Do I Have To Pay A Deductible To Replace My Windshield?

    It depends on the type of coverage you have with your insurance company. Check your policy or call your agent to confirm your coverage.

    Need An ADAS Recalibration Technician? Call Reliable Glass.

    What Does It Mean To Recalibrate A Car?

    Car recalibration has become a common term in the automobile industry, yet many people may not know what it means. Recalibration is different from programming, which is more like giving a sensor the ability to think or learn. Recalibrating, on the other hand, means that you are telling the sensor where it is in relation to the vehicle and where to look. So recalibrating a car means determining the attributes of a car for fulfilling legislative standards as well as refining the car to make sure it is safe to drive on the road.

    There are two types of recalibration:

    • Static: this is an in-shop service while the vehicle is not moving
    • Dynamic: this takes place on the road while driving the vehicle

    Recalibration is a term that means it is telling the vehicle’s internal computers to readjust all the cameras, sensors and technology to work properly from the new specifications of the car.

    Recalibrating a car is done for two reasons:

    1. To ensure the safety of the car on the road
    2. To reduce the costs of manufacturing errors

    Recalibrating a car is necessary whether a module was replaced or not, and whether there was deployment or not. It is usually done with a compatible scan tool. For a recalibration to be complete, all codes and faults must be cleared and confirmed repaired. In case a module was replaced, then module programming may have to be done first.

    Need A Phoenix ADAS Recalibration Technician? Call Reliable Glass.

    What Is ADAS Recalibration?

    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is a system that uses artificial intelligence to monitor and sense the environment around the car to ensure the car occupants drive safer. It’s a simple matter of safety, and it’s the future of windshield repair. It is absolutely critical that the vehicle’s safety systems are recalibrated any time there is a change in any way to the windshield.  Newer cars are equipped with cameras and sensors that sense and detect things around them.

    Cars are getting smarter and the camera in the windshield measures a lot these days. Some of the sensos that vehicles are equipped with now include:

    • Video Image Processing
    • Infrared Vision
    • Ultrasonic Detectors
    • Microwave Radars
    • Passive Acoustic Detectors
    • Photoelectric Sensors

    The sensors are extremely accurate and in order to work at peak performance, the sensors have to be perfectly calibrated.

    Static & Dynamic Auto Camera Recalibration Explained

    • Dynamic – Dynamic recalibration is when the car can be driven to recalibrate the ADAS system.
    • Static – Static recalibration is when the car must be stationary to be recalibrated by a certified service technician

    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Soon To Be Mandatory

    Even though the majority of car manufacturers have mandated that the sensors be professionally recalibrated, it has been said that by 2022 ALL cars with sensors and detectors will require a professional recalibration any time there is a windshield replacement.

    What Does ADAS Window Recalibration Cost?

    The fees to have a window with motion detector or other detection sensors recalibrated almost doubles the cost of the window replacement.

    From Repair Drive News Website: “There is no question that ADAS make driving easier and safer,” AAA Automotive concludes. “However, the added complexity of these systems and their sensors comes with costs beyond their original purchase price. Just having a windshield replaced or a wheel alignment performed on a modern car with ADAS can be much more expensive.”

    Auto Glass Repair & ADAS Camera Recalibration In Phoenix, AZ

    Call Reliable Glass today for the best windshield recalibration Phoenix has to offer!

    Phoenix Certified ADAS Camera Recalibration Technician

    An ADAS Certified Technician is a person who works with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) cameras on the front windshield area of the car in order to adjust for any kind of change or adjustment to the camera system, which includes changing the windshield.

    Newer cars have a range of sensors and cameras that are so sensitive, just a millimeter off is a safety risk factor. As such, it is becoming mandatory that new windows and windshields be professionally replaced and recalibrated by a licensed technician.

    Advanced safety and driver assistance systems in newer cars that come with automatic emergency brakes, blind spot monitoring and lane change warning systems are almost double the cost of repairs on older vehicles without motion sensors and cameras.

    What Is ADAS Recalibration?

    Cars are getting smarter, and vehicles are equipped with a lot of sensors these days, such as:

    • Video Image Processing
    • Infrared Vision
    • Ultrasonic Detectors
    • Microwave Radars
    • Passive Acoustic Detectors
    • Photoelectric Sensors

    You can learn more about the costs and types of recalibration at “What Is ADAS Recalibration?

    What Does ADAS Recalibration Cost?

    The American Automobile Association (AAA) announced that repairs can cost more than double what they were before, and depending on the type of sensors needing recalibration, adjustment or replacement after an accident, repair and replacement costs could be up to $3000 just for a minor incident that damages a windshield and a sensor.

    It varies by vehicle and type of camera or sensor, but generally you can expect to at least pay double what you would have before on an older car. Below is a general breakdown, but if you need an estimate, call Reliable Glass at (602) 892-0202.

    • Car windshield – about $250 – $650
    • SUV (sport utility vehicle) – about $250 – $650
    • Truck – about $250 – $650

    Read more about ADAS Camera Sensor Recalibration, Repair & Replacement Costs.

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    Don’t miss out on the first-rate windshield recalibration Phoenix car owners have experienced!

    What Is A Windshield Recalibration?

    Windshield recalibration refers to the process of adjusting the parameters of a camera lens to capture a complete image of the vehicle and road in order to guarantee that in-car ADAS systems are receiving accurate and reliable information.

    Modern vehicles are moving from autonomous driving to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) which is more efficient in ensuring vehicle safety and better driving. The ADAS system can alert you about potential problems on the road.

    Cars are getting smarter and the camera in the windshield measures a lot these days. Some of the sensors in a vehicle may now include:

    • Video Image Processing
    • Infrared Vision
    • Ultrasonic Detectors
    • Microwave Radars
    • Passive Acoustic Detectors
    • Photoelectric Sensors

    Generally, ADAS systems work through a camera that is fitted to the center of the windshield, and the camera relays important information about the conditions of the road ahead to the ADAS. The system will then know when to activate automated safety measures. The camera monitors blind spots, pedestrians and proximity to other objects, so it is important that it is recalibrated to offer the best possible surveillance of the vehicle and road.

    In case of a misaligned camera, the functionality of the system could be jeopardized, leading to dangerous driving or accidents. Safety is the purpose of windshield recalibration.

    If your car is fitted with the ADAS system, you need to have it recalibrated from time-to-time. There may be a chance that your camera view has been slightly altered. Such situations include:

    • After a windshield replacement
    • When the dashboard shows a fault code
    • When the camera has been disconnected
    • If there is a change of suspension
    • If there is a change of wheel alignment

    When your windshield is replaced, it is the duty of the company doing the work to recalibrate the system. Windshield recalibration is important for keeping drivers safe on the roads.