Not only will getting your window chips repaired at once save you money in the long run, it can prevent cracks from spreading to 6″ or more, which could then advance to the imminent windshield replacement. Vehicle window repair is a delicate process of repairing chips, cracks and nicks to sustain the structural integrity of a windshield.

If you permit your chip or crack to continue untouched, temperature variations between the inside and outside of your car, along with car vibrations and potholes, may be dangerous to you because the windshield can fracture. Also, water could fill up the pit, and if the chip happens to go through the top layer of glass to the center laminate piece of the windshield, moisture can damage the glass from the center and eventually cause a larger problem. A tiny crack can become a big crack over time if not taken care of.

Why is your window repair so important? Keeping your windshield cracks repaired helps maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle. The windshield is of the highest importance in your safety. If the structural integrity is jeopardized and not fixed, a likely accident can occur or an unfortunate collision could create a collapsed windshield. You might also save cash by taking care of a little crack now before it grows to the point where you can’t get it fixed without a deductible and much larger insurance claim.

Now, you understand that you need to repair your chip or crack, but how do you go about doing so? The majority of insurance companies are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So call their toll-free glass claims number and tell them of your crack. They will help you make preparations to have your car glass fixed at a suitable location for you. Be sure to have your insurance information on hand to save time for everyone. This includes your policy number, VIN, year, make and model of your car and date of the chip or crack.

Don’t let a little chip or crack turn into a significant expense or an unsafe driving hazard for you and your family. Get your windshield blemish repaired right away by a reliable auto glass company.

Greg Tornga is the owner of Reliable Glass in Phoenix. His company can help repair auto glass and repair damaged home windows all across the Phoenix Valley.