Will Windshield Replacement Increase My Insurance?

It depends on the insurance company and the extent of the damage to the windows. If it is just a crack or chip, it’s possible it is covered due to it being ‘unavoidable’ damage. It also depends on the type of deductible you have.

Actually, repairing a window for a rock chip is usually so inexpensive, involving insurance isn’t truly necessary.  If you need a new front windshield or more than one window replaced, depending on the type of damage, you can call your insurance company or call us at Reliable Glass at 602-892-0202.

Understanding How Glass Coverage Works

Having No Insurance – Need your auto or home glass repaired or replaced but don’t have insurance? We offer some of the best glass repair prices for ‘no insurance’ claims. See our article here on glass repair with no insurance.

Having Full Coverage – Usually, the full coverage you had to obtain through a lienholder (loan) includes something called comprehensive coverage, which includes coverage against storms, fires, vandalism and road debris (animals).

If you give Reliable Glass a call at 602-892-02021, we can work with you and your insurance company to determine your coverage, saving you the hassle.

Auto Glass Insurance Deductibles In Arizona

In an article by: Bob Christie, Associated Press January 23, 2017, the AZ Capitol Times news website mentions about how insurance companies in Arizona may start charging a deductible for auto glass claims.

Rock-shattered windshields are such a common occurrence on Arizona roads that insurance companies have long been required to replace broken glass for free to drivers with full coverage policies.

It ends up being a big expense to insurance companies that have to pay all the claims, and now they want to eliminate the requirement.