Where To Buy Auto Glass Online | Reliable Glass Arizona

You can buy new windshields, quarter glass, back and side windows online from some of the following websites…

Buying your replacement windshield directly from a manufacturer would be the cheapest way to go, if you have the time, skill and knowledge.

There are a lot of DIY auto glass videos and even some DIY auto glass kits available.

Things To Consider When Buying A Replacement Windshield Online

If you end up buying it online, note that it will take…

  • Time spent figuring out which window you need
  • Time spent learning how to replace your window
  • Ordering the right materials for replacement
  • Tools for removing and replacing windows
  • Trash hauling of the old window
  • Risk of not installing the window properly (for example: just touching the sealed area with your hands could cause a leak and a potential hazard on the road and to yourself and others)
  • If you pick it up at a warehouse, you will still have to pay a shipping fee; if you order it directly from the manufacturer to your home, the shipping fee is even higher

For the amount you end up saving vs the time you have to spend and calculating the risk involved, these days it is faster and easier to have a professional mobile window replacement person come and replace the window for you.

How Expensive is Windshield Repair Service?

Below are some estimate on having the window or windshield replaced by a company.

  • Between $150 – $330 for a car windshield.
  • SUV (sport utility vehicle) can cost around $160 – $290
  • A pickup cost is close to the SUV costing $160 – $310
  • Replacing a minivan’s windshield can be from $170 – $295

The cost difference between doing it yourself and using a service is minimal. if you replaced your window every couple months, it might be worth learning. But most people only need window replacement once every 5 years, that is not enough for most people to compensate the difference.

You can read more about the cost of windshield replacement here.