What Size Of Window Rock Chips Can Be Repaired?

Damage to the windshield often occurs as cracks or chips. In a chip, the point of impact is clearly visible and form configurations of stars, half moon and bull’s eyes to mention but a few.

But a crack forms a distinct line that can range from a few inches to the full extent of the windshield. Modern technology has made it possible to repair windshields that would have otherwise been scrapped.

Rock Chip Size:

Chips about a quarter of an inch to three inches can be repaired, including cracks between one inch to fourteen inches as well.

Rock Chip Depth:

A windshield has two sheets of glass that are held together by an inner strong vinyl layer. If damage has penetrated to the inner layer, it is considered to be too deep and repairs can’t be done.

You’ll know when a crack or chip on a windscreen should be repaired or replaced because of:

  • The location of the damage
  • The size of a chip or crack
  • The depth

Location Of The Window Crack

When the chip or crack occurs and might impair your line of sight, you should get a replacement of the windshield instead of doing repairs or at least give us a call to check it out. At Reliable Glass, we give honest quotes with no sales gimmicks and no surprise costs at the end of the repair; sometimes a crack or chip can be buffed out, even if another company said you need a replacement.

Damaged Glass Causes Structural Integrity Loss

When the damage extends to the entire windshield a replacement becomes inevitable because the structural integrity of the glass has been compromised. If you were in an auto accident where the vehicle rolled, the windshield prevents the roof of the car from caving in. Also, in cases where damage is in the direct path of window sensors, a replacement rather than a repair is recommended, because the sensors might malfunction if repair was done instead. Newer cars need to be recalibrated, at Reliable Glass we have ADAS Certification Calibration Technicians.

When deciding to get repairs on your windshield, safety is a major consideration because the glass contributes up to 50% of the structural integrity of the vehicle. Windshield damage tends to increase in size as time goes by, also possibly causing the windshield to fog up easily due to the fact that the heat sensors may not be in proper working condition.