What Is Windshield Washer Fluid Made Of?

Windshield washer fluid, also known as windshield screen wash, is often made of specific ingredients. These ingredients are not damaging at all. Instead, they are mild, yet effective in cleaning the debris off the screen of the car.  

The fluid is often made of water, a form of detergent that is specific to a car windshield and some ink. Some washer fluids have some methanol added to them to stop the fluid from freezing too fast. However, too much methanol is not good. The most common washer fluid solutions are given labels such as “All-Season”, “Bug Remover”, or “De-Icer”, and usually are a combination of solvents with a detergent.

Dilution factors will vary depending on season, for example in winter the dilution factor may be 1:1, whereas during summer the dilution factor may be 1:10. It is sometimes sold as sachet of crystals, which is also diluted with water.

Distilled Water Is Best For Windshield Washer Fluid

Distilled water is the preferred diluent, since it will not leave trace mineral deposits on the glass.

Given the amount of money required to replace a windshield fluid reservoir, it would be best to stick with normal washer fluids. This way, you protect your windshield fluid reservoir from damage and save money at the same time.