What Is An OEM Windshield?

When your windshield cracks and requires an entire replacement, you can either choose between OEM and aftermarket glass. The difference is an aftermarket glass is made by a company or production line other than the original equipment manufacturer.
Short for Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM glass is fabricated by the same manufacturer that provided the original glass the automaker placed in your vehicle.

Phoenix Valley OEM Windshields At Affordable Prices

Glass damage has become increasingly common because of the newer lightweight glass being used for better fuel mileage.
Did you know that within three years, 90% of unresolved chips will spread into a larger crack at any time, consequently, causing a dangerous visibility distraction for the driver? A damaged windshield is nearly 60% to 70% weaker and poses a risk that can be easily avoided by repairing or replacing the entire windshield.

OEM Vs Aftermarket Auto Glass

Some auto glass companies boast OEM parts but don’t actually use OEM glass, which is mis-leading, sometimes on purpose, just to get your attention and get a sale.

If you have to use OEM glass make sure that you verify it equals the original in quality because while the manufacturing companies have been around for years, sometimes a 3rd-party seller can get similar from the same assembly line that makes the OEM parts, which can be hard to identify.

If your vehicle is getting close to the end of its life though, it might not make economic sense to pay a slightly higher price for the advantages offered by an OEM parts manufacturer.

Need An OEM Windshield For Your Car?

Using OEM parts guarantees that you are getting a windshield made of high quality from a company that complies with your warranty and uses factory parts that will properly fit and serve your vehicle.

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