What Is ADAS Calibration?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is a system that uses artificial intelligence to monitor and sense the environment around the car to ensure the car occupants drive safer. It’s a simple matter of safety, and it’s the future of windshield repair. It is absolutely critical that the vehicle’s safety systems are re-calibrated any time there is a change in any way to the windshield.  Newer cars are equipped with cameras and sensors that sense and detect the things around them.

Cars are getting smarter and the camera in the windshield or windows measures a lot these days, some of the things that the sensors and cameras on cars can detect are…

  • Video Image Processing
  • Infrared Vision
  • Ultrasonic Detectors
  • Microwave Radars
  • Passive Acoustic Detectors
  • Photoelectric Sensors

The sensors are extremely accurate and in order to work at peak performance, the sensors have to be perfectly calibrated.

Static & Dynamic Auto Camera Calibration Explained

  • Dynamic – Dynamic calibration is when the car can be driven to re-calibrate the ADAS system.
  • Static – Static camera calibration is when the car must be re-calibrated by a professional or certified service for safety reasons

About over 75% of car manufacturers now require that the car be body shop calibrated for safety.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Soon To Be Mandatory

Even though right now only the majority of car manufacturers have mandated the sensors be professionally calibrated, it has been said that by 2022 ALL cars with sensors and detectors will require a professional change anytime there is a windshield replacement.

What Does ADAS Window Calibration Cost?

The fees to have a window with motion detector or other detection sensors re-calibrated almost doubles the cost of the window replacement.

From Repair Drive News Website: “There is no question that ADAS make driving easier and safer,” AAA Automotive concludes. “However, the added complexity of these systems and their sensors comes with costs beyond their original purchase price. Just having a windshield replaced or a wheel alignment performed on a modern car with ADAS can be much more expensive.

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