What Is The Cost Of ADAS Window Recalibration?

If you want to calculate the actual ADAS calibration cost in Arizona, you need to consider the fact that the fees to have a window with motion detection or other detection sensors recalibrated almost doubles the costs of window replacement.

An Estimation Of Camera Recalibration Costs By Vehicle

If you are getting the window replaced on a newer vehicle that uses front, side or rearview cameras, the sensors need to be professionally re-aligned, usually by an ADAS Certified Technician

So how much does ADAS calibration cost in Phoenix?

The average cost of a new windshield with recalibration sometimes can double the cost of the windshield replacement.

  • Car – about $250 – $630
  • SUV (sport utility vehicle) – about $250 – $600
  • Truck – about $250 – $650

Does Auto Insurance Cover ADAS Camera & Sensor Recalibration?

Yes. Insurance covers the cost of (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) ADAS camera and motion sensor recalibration. Having full insurance coverage, which includes glass coverage, is well worth the expense of windshield calibration in Phoenix.

Do I Have To Pay A Deductible To Replace My Windshield?

It depends on the type of coverage you have with your insurance company. Check your policy or call your agent to confirm your coverage.

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