Windshield Repair & Replacement: Commercial Work Vans

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A van is a type of vehicle used for transporting goods or people. In the main and most prevalent usage, a van is smaller than a truck and bigger than an automobile. There is some variation in the scope of the word across the different English-speaking countries.

Van meaning a type of vehicle arose as a contraction of the word caravan. The early records of van as a vehicle in English are in the mid 19th century meaning a covered wagon for transporting goods (earliest reported record 1829). Caravan with the same meaning has records since the 1670s. A caravan, meaning one wagon, had arisen as an extension or corruption of caravan meaning a convoy of multiple wagons.

The word van has slightly different, but overlapping, meanings in different forms of English. While the word always now applies to boxy cargo vans, other applications are found to a greater or lesser extent in the different English-speaking countries.