Minivan Window Replacement & Rock Chip Repair

Need the window repaired or replaced on your minivan? Get expert minivan window replacement & rock chip repair from Reliable Glass AZ in Phoenix.

A minivan is a personal-use van with unibody construction sharing an automobile platform in a one-box or two-box configuration — often featuring sliding doors for passenger access and configurable, stowable or removable seating. Taller than a sedan, hatchback, or a station wagon, the minivan features a shared interior volume that can flexibly reconfigure to prioritize either seating or cargo volume, with rear cargo access via a liftgate or tailgate.

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The Chrysler Town and Country is an example of a modern day minivan.

Though the term is not used globally, the body style is also marketed as the multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), people-carrier, people-mover, or multi-utility vehicle (MUV).