“A Day Made Of Glass” – Corning’s Vault Of Glass

Technology is ever changing. Already we come into contact with glass over 100 times a day, our phones, windows and soon, our car dashboards and home televisions that will be just a glass panel on the wall.

Glass can also be used in your kitchen, allowing users to see what’s in their fridge and keep track of what food items they’re running low on, alongside custom backgrounds, widgets and photos in order to create an interactive experience for the whole family.

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a day made of glass

Corning’s Gorilla Glass In Smartphones

About five years ago, Corning — the company behind the ubiquitous strengthened Gorilla Glass found in countless smartphones — made a concept video called “A Day Made of Glass” designed to show off how glass could be applied in futuristic ways to pretty much every aspect of life. This year at CES, Corning’s booth is dedicated to claiming how that vision is now feasible.

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Soon Glass Is Coming To Cars (Not Just Windshields)