Tesla Implements It’s Own Insurance Program For Tesla Vehicles

Insurance Program For Tesla Vehicles

Tesla made a deal with a major auto insurance provider to roll out it’s own special insurance program for Tesla electric car owners.

In an article by By Gabriela Barkho on November 6, 2017 . @ Inverse.com, they state…

InsureMyTesla, as it’s being dubbed, has rolled out in partnership with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company in the United States and with Aviva in Canada. It previously launched in Hong Kong and Australia in early 2017. The automaker is hoping to give vehicle owners discounted rates specifically tailored to their Tesla’s much-touted advanced safety features, such as the Autopilot system.

The shift toward self-driving cars should eventually make auto insurance obsolete, as autonomous vehicles are designed to avoid almost all the collisions and crashes of human drivers. Until fully driverless cars hit the road, Tesla’s safety features should at least theoretically reduce insurance rates, but some Tesla owners reported paying higher than average premiums to drive their cars.

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