Stone Chip Window Crack Repair

These days there is a YouTube video for everything. An internet connection, a do-it-yourself kit, and YouTube is all you need to do anything.

However, if “Pinterest Fails” has taught us nothing else, it has taught us things are not as easy as they look on the website.

Stones are everywhere and are a risk to your windshield. Often they are kicked up and leave a tiny chip in your windshield. When the issue is addressed immediately, the solution is quick and inexpensive. Done incorrectly, a tiny and inexpensive chip can turn into a huge resin mess that will be unsightly and will distract your driving even more than before the repair attempt. Every expert will tell you that little chips grow to become huge cracks. Small chips are easily repaired, but large cracks require an entire windshield to be replaced.

Not only are small chips potential problems in the future, but they are also a distraction for the driver. Anyone who’s ever had a chipped windshield probably remembers looking at the small chip or crack quite frequently. Once you’ve seen it, it’s almost impossible not to glance at it from time to time, almost as if you’re watching for it to grow into a larger crack. This can add stress to your day thinking about it but, what’s worse, it can also be extremely distracting while you’re driving which could lead to an accident.

To avoid those types of situations, we can help repair small cracks or chips and, if need be, replace the windshield altogether. With each windshield replacement, Reliable Glass gives you one full year of FREE chip repair. It’s an added insurance policy for your new windshield.

Trust the professionals at Reliable Glass to fix your chips before they become expensive cracks. Call 602-340-8222 and ask about same day service and free Phoenix Valley mobile service.