Audi Looking Into Adding Solar Cells Inside Window Glass

Audi is putting effort into ideas regarding electric vehicles and how to keep them charged. One idea is to place solar recharging panels INSIDE the windshield and windows of the car itself. Check it out.

After watching the grid suffer while families traveled across the U.S. for the solar eclipse, a well-known problem became more apparent: there aren’t enough chargers to sustain the amount of charging required by the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road. Volkswagen’s luxury brand, Audi, has reportedly announced their intent to work with a Chinese solar manufacturer to produce an interesting charging concept for their new EVs: solar cells integrated into the car’s glass.

The German automaker will work with a solar cell manufacturer Alta Devices to embed solar cells into the glass that will be placed in a panoramic roof.

Audi has recently had to cut costs by $12 billion over the next five years in order to fund their shift to electric.

Read the full article here, by Rob Stumpf at The Drive.

Audi Adding Solar Cells Inside Window Glass for Future Cars