Shower Power: Creating a Spa-Like Experience with Glass Enclosures

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There’s a growing trend in the United States that favors homes made from sustainable materials that are healthier for humans as well as the environment. One market research report found that 65% of more than 2,000 respondents were willing to pay more for green-certified or healthy homes. The study highlighted the growing demand for homes with sustainable, health-focused materials.


One of the easiest ways to give home buyers what they want is to utilize the services of local businesses with expertise in custom glass cutting and installment. Glass is an eco-friendly material that is easily recycled. It’s also one of the healthiest materials for the bathroom because it’s waterproof and doesn’t allow the growth of mold and other bacteria.


That’s why installing a custom glass shower enclosure is one of the most rewarding ways to enhance the functionality and possibly the value of your property. Let’s get into the details to see what it takes to design and install a custom glass enclosure for your shower.


What is a Custom Shower Enclosure?


Shower enclosures surround a shower, keeping water safely inside. A full enclosure will cover all outer edges of the shower area, protecting the floor and other surrounding features from water damage.


Enclosures create a spacious shower experience with maximum floor availability. Many enclosed showers also feature shelving and other features that make it easier to keep the area organized and clean. When you customize your shower design, you can opt for a variety of features that make showering more enjoyable.


When you hear about a custom shower enclosure, the reference is to a full enclosure designed specifically for one bathroom rather than one standard style designed for bathrooms in general. That requires custom glass-cutting services. You need each piece of glass to fit the exact dimensions of the shower area, fitting together perfectly to prevent leaks.


There are different styles and types of glass shower enclosures that you can create. Below, we’ll share how you can customize your bathroom with this simple feature. Hint: You don’t have to spend hours comparing prices at local stores or watching online tutorials to do it yourself.


Custom Shower Enclosure Benefits


Why should you consider investing in custom home glass for your property? The benefits vary, depending on the circumstances of each home. If you’re a property investor or landlord, you may have different benefits than a homeowner interested in improving the functionality and sustainability of a home they hope to live in for many years to come. There are even more benefits for homeowners who hope to sell their homes soon.


Let’s take a quick look at some of the biggest benefits of installing a custom glass shower enclosure regardless of your current circumstances.


Spa-Like Experience at Home


If you’ve ever spent time at a luxurious spa, you may know the feeling of disappointment that comes upon returning home. You go back to your ordinary or outdated bathroom and immediately long for a return to the spacious shower that you enjoyed while away.


Glass shower enclosures allow you to get that luxurious feeling at home. You can slip into that relaxing experience and enjoy it every day.


Low Maintenance


Glass enclosures are much easier to keep clean and sanitary than shower curtains. They also require less maintenance than sliding doors made from other materials. You’ll spend less time scrubbing the bathroom and washing curtains and more time doing other things that matter more to your life.


If you want to maximize this feature of glass shower enclosures, opt for a protective coating over your custom shower glass. That will minimize the risk of scratches and cracks that could, on rare occasions, compromise the effectiveness of a glass shower enclosure.


Non-Porous Surface


Bacteria, mold, mildew and other contaminants commonly found in bathrooms will have a much harder time growing on glass. This non-porous material doesn’t have small hiding spots for those unsanitary germs to hibernate, grow and spread. That makes glass a healthier option for you and anyone else utilizing your bathroom.


Versatile Style Options


From classic elegance to modern sophistication and everything in between, glass shower enclosures can fit any bathroom or home style. You can enclose showers of varying sizes to create an upscale vibe that naturally attracts the eye.


That versatility is a plus if you’re renting or selling the property. Some home renovations are subjective and may rub some renters and buyers the wrong way. Glass is more likely to suit everyone, especially when the enclosure is custom designed to match the bathroom or overall home style.


The fastest way to get a water-tight shower enclosure that looks spectacular in your property is to work with Reliable Glass. Our professionals help you design custom glass bathroom features that are functional and safe as well as attractive to the eye. We take great pride in our custom glass-cutting services.


Customize Your Glass Shower Enclosure


You could potentially buy a pre-designed shower stall that fits reasonably well into the space available in your bathroom. The problem is that those designs were created for bathrooms in general. They don’t take into account the unique characteristics of your bathroom or your personal goals.


The only way to ensure your shower enclosure is a perfect fit and water-tight is to invest in custom home glass design and installation. In addition to allowing trained professionals to carefully measure and cut the glass panels just for your bathroom, there are a few decisions you can make to customize your shower enclosure even more.


Glass Options


There are two basic options when customizing the glass for your shower enclosure:


  • Clear
  • Privacy


The difference here is whether you can see through the glass from the outside or not. You may have a preference based on who will use your bathroom and how much privacy is needed. Another option is to make this choice based on appearance. You may like the look of privacy glass better than clear glass.


Custom Frame Options


The options here come down to how much of a frame you want around the glass. A frameless glass enclosure has no frame and utilizes heavier glass and specialized hardware to ensure safety. You maximize the glass surface and luxurious appeal of your shower with this design.


You can also opt for a semi-frameless design that includes more of a frame. The frame doesn’t cover all edges of the glass, and the overall visual appeal is more traditional.


One design or another may work better for your property. It’s best to consult with experienced professionals who are familiar with all frame options. They can help you select the right frame for the look you want to achieve and your budget.


Sliding Glass Shower Doors


You can also customize the opening of your glass enclosure. Instead of a single pane of glass that pulls or pushes open and shut, you can opt for sliding glass doors. This may change the frame and overall design, so discuss the options with your professional design team before making a decision.


Tips for Getting that Spa Shower Experience at Home


We’ve talked a lot about the reasons you may want to invest in a glass shower enclosure at home. Now it’s time to talk about the spa-like experience that many homeowners and buyers crave. We’re talking about a shower that is so well-designed you feel like a pampered celebrity each time you step into the water.


Even on the worst of days, a spa-like shower can put you at ease. The following tips will help you design that experience for your bathroom.


Go for Spacious, Open Designs


The problem with many residential bathrooms is the shower stall feels too cramped. You don’t have room to stretch out, walk around, or even sit down and relax with the water cascading over you.


If you have a smaller shower area, consider a frameless glass enclosure to create the illusion of a more spacious area.


Customize Interior Features for Convenience


A spa-like shower demands easy access to soaps, body washes and other luxurious shower products. Think about the products you want to include and the number of people using the shower to determine how much shelving you may need to keep everything organized.


You can buy organizers and add them to your new shower or have shelving custom-built into the shower. The choice comes down to your budget and how much time you want to spend personally organizing the shower.


Don’t Splurge on the Shower Head


A great shower head should allow you to choose between hard- and soft-hitting water jets. It will offer a variety of water patterns, allowing you to choose what feels best each time you step into the shower. Look for oversized shower heads that deliver a wider circle of water or even multiple heads if you have the space.


Always Work with Proven Professionals


Creating a spa-like shower experience isn’t easily done as a DIY project. You want to make sure your glass enclosure is professionally designed and installed to get the exact look you want plus maximum safety and sustainability. Every feature of your shower should support the elegance of your new enclosure. The best way to do that without breaking your budget is to talk to professionals every step of the way.


Professional Glass Services Make Installation Fast & Flawless


There are some clear benefits to installing custom glass shower enclosures for any style of home. The question now is how you get a home improvement project like this completed quickly, efficiently and with a guarantee of safety and maximum functionality.


Most homeowners, real estate investors, and property managers don’t have the skill or resources to do any type of custom glass cutting on their own. That makes custom glass shower enclosures a project for proven professionals. You have the benefit of receiving glass that was expertly cut to the exact dimensions of your shower for a perfect fit.


Professional glass cutters and shower installers can also guarantee that every part of the shower enclosure is installed properly. That gives you peace of mind that your shower won’t leak, causing damage to the floor or any nearby appliances and bathroom décor.


Custom home improvement services make it fast and easy to transform your bathroom and potentially increase the value of your property. You can focus on other home renovations or more important goals while trusted professionals handle every stage of the shower renovation project.


Reliable Glass Does the Hard Work for You


Whether you’re ready to renovate an outdated shower, switch to a different bathroom style, or just increase visual appeal for renters and buyers, our team is up to the challenge. Bathroom renovations are always dirty work, but we make all the hard work look easy. That’s the advantage of working with a team that offers skill, experience and a sincere dedication to excellent customer service.


In the end, it’s always worth the intense focus that goes into designing custom bathroom enclosures. We enjoy the process of bringing the vision our customers have in their minds to our shared reality. Our team can help renovate your bathroom with custom mirrors and other custom glass-cutting projects as well.


Custom home glass services allow you to improve your property quickly without blowing your budget. From standard glass shower door replacement to custom mirrors that put the final touch on a bathroom renovation, you can’t beat the sophisticated look and sustainable value of glass.


Reach out today to see what our advanced glass design skills can do for your bathroom. You can request a free quote online or call us at (602) 340-8222 in Phoenix or (520) 391-2100 in Tucson.

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