Should I Use Insurance To Replace A Windshield?

In most states, the law dictates that windshields that have a crack larger than the size of a quarter, should be replaced immediately as the glass plays a role in protecting the people inside of a vehicle.

Most insurance companies cover windshield replacement as an aftermarket part (a part that is not produced by a company different from your car manufacturer) at a small addition to the premium.

The owner can also request an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part, this is produced by the car manufacturer, which usually costs a little more.

The Cost Of Auto Glass In Newer Cars Due To Sensors & Cameras

The fees to have a window with motion detector or other detection sensors re-calibrated almost doubles the cost of the window replacement.

From Repair Drive News Website: “There is no question that ADAS make driving easier and safer,” AAA Automotive concludes. “However, the added complexity of these systems and their sensors comes with costs beyond their original purchase price. Just having a windshield replaced or a wheel alignment performed on a modern car with ADAS can be much more expensive.

See what ADAS Windshield Calibration is.

Arizona Insurance & Auto Glass Replacement Rules

Being glass makes it extremely fragile and it takes something as tiny as a pebble to crack or break it. When the driver hits a bump at high speed, and the windshield is hit by a second pebble coupled with changes in temperature can make a hairline crack to spider web quickly.