Self Driving Cars Are The Cars Of The Future

In the future soon self driving cars will be affordable for everyone. Even now cars are equipped with motion sensors, automatic turning headlights, infrared night vision and laser technology with automatic steering for parallel parking and automatic cruise control that follows the car in front of you at a safe distance, whether you are on the highway or in stop and go traffic. It’s amazing.

If you have ever driven a new car with these features, there are times when it almost feels like you could take a nap while driving because the car is so automated.

DETROIT (Reuters) – Delphi Automotive Plc, which is changing its name to Aptiv Inc, wants to cut the cost of self-driving cars by more than 90 percent to around $5,000 by 2025, according to Chief Executive Officer Kevin Clark.

Aptiv, which starts trading on Tuesday under the stock symbol APTV on the New York Stock Exchange, also wants to help automakers rethink the way vehicles are engineered and built and make money on the data generated by autonomous electric vehicles.

A spinout, Delphi Technologies, will continue to trade under the symbol DLPH on the New York Stock Exchange and will focus on traditional engine components. Aptiv will concentrate on self-driving and other technologies. The changes are effective after the exchange closes on Monday.

Self-driving costs could drop 90 percent by 2025, Delphi CEO says

While current estimates for the cost of a self-driving hardware and software package range from $70,000 to $150,000, “the cost of that autonomous driving stack by 2025 will come down to about $5,000 because of technology developments and (higher) volume,” Clark said in an interview.

Cars Of The Future: Self Driving Cars


Article by Paul Lienert at Reuters on Self Driving Cars