Samsung’s Smart Windshield Makes Riding Motorcycles Safer

Samsung has come out with a window view on a motorcycle that displays the speedometer details and miles on the glass. Check it out.

Unveiled by Samsung Italia, this bike is described as “a new concept of safety on two wheels.” Basically, it’s a heads-up display for scooters (and eventually, motorcycles) that allow riders to access their smartphone without taking off their hands from the handlebar. Yamaha and Samsung collaborated on creating the prototype, and chose the Tricity scooter to demonstrate their new technology.

Unlike other heads-up-style concept ideas that need a lot to be produced, Samsung’s Smart Windshield only needs four things: a Samsung Galaxy phone, a Samsung app , a projector that connects to a WiFi, and a windshield.

It works by pairing a Samsung smartphone to a small device that comes with a projector. While you’re on the road, the device will use an app to retrieve information on your smartphone and will be shown on a small screen located at the bottom of the bike’s windshield. This allows you to make and receive calls and texts, receive email and text notifications, use your apps, and check your GPS and current speed without so much as lifting your pinky finger.

Watch a video fo it below and read the full Samsung Windshield For Motorcycles article here.