Repair or Replace Windows | Windshield Woes

There are arguments for all sides of any issue, and the decision to repair or replace your windshield is no exception.  Many people will go for months, perhaps even years, with a chip in their windshield, and think nothing of it.

Once it starts to crack and crawl across the windshield, some people will take action. For others, at the first sign of a chip or small crack, they’ll go straight for a replacement.

Catching rocks and debris from the road is a certainty, and some people just tend to be rock magnets!  Since it’s made of safety glass, your windshield can withstand more damage than you think, which is the reason why a small chip or crack will not cause your glass to splinter into a million pieces.

A chip repair is quick and inexpensive, and will extend the life of your windshield.

What Causes Glass Chips To Spread & Crack?

How much longer is anyone’s guess, but the repair will immediately stop the chip from growing.  Extreme temperatures, hot or cold, will cause most chips and cracks to spread, even if they’ve been repaired.  So, whether or not you choose a repair, you are simply procrastinating your way through the mild weather, and will need a windshield replacement once the glass reacts to drastic climate changes.

Other than having the necessary glass coverage, why would someone choose to skip the repair and get a replacement?  Well, sometimes it’s because the repair doesn’t always make the chip disappear.  Each chip is uniquely different from the next, and there is no guarantee that the repair will be aesthetically pleasing to the owner.  The resin may fill in absolutely perfectly, causing the chip to disappear altogether, or it may cause the chip to remain visible.  This unknown factor alone may cause some people to opt for a replacement.

There is also a slim chance that the process of repairing the chip will cause the windshield to crack, and it will need to be replaced.

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What size of chip or crack constitutes a repair?  A chip the size of a quarter or smaller and a crack smaller than the length of a credit card can typically be repaired to customer satisfaction.  A bigger chip or longer crack will usually require a windshield replacement.

Things To Keep In Mind

The decision to repair or replace is firmly in your hands.  As you navigate your way to a chip repair or a glass replacement, keep these things in mind:

  • 1) Quality auto glass makes an enormous difference in the longevity of your windshield.  Cheap glass is often used in conjunction with gimmicks and money-back deals, so beware of such vendors.
  • 2) If the damage is directly in the driver’s line of vision, it is ALWAYS recommended that the windshield be replaced to eliminate the dangerous potential for distracted driving.

If your auto insurance policy includes full glass coverage, repair and replacement will both be covered, which may be the final factor in determining which choice you make.

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