Rainbow Crosswalks in Arizona

An article by Allan Heydorn talks about how sidewalks in Arizona are getting painted rainbow colors, both in Phoenix and in Tucson. And it is catching on all over the United States.

Speedy Striping is always on the lookout for unusual, cutting-edge or high-profile projects, so when Lucas Boring, president, learned about plans to paint four “rainbow” crosswalks in a major Tucson, AZ, intersection he knew he’d found all three criteria in one job.

rainbow crosswalk in arizona

The busy intersection of 4th Avenue and 6th Street is near the University of Arizona and is one of the main college drags for restaurants, bars and entertainment. Situated in Tucson’s historical district, the area is managed by the Historic 4th Avenue Merchants Association, which was a supporter and partner in the plan.

Boring says the idea for the rainbow crosswalks belongs to Adam Ragan, associate director of the LGBTQ initiatives of Southern Arizona Aids Foundation. “He came up with the idea of the rainbow crosswalks at that location and he worked on the project for four years,” Boring says. “He contacted me two years ago and I’ve been working on it ever since. I came up with the design for it, a custom-made product, and a unique production process.”

You can read the full story here. https://www.forconstructionpros.com/pavement-maintenance/article/20985045/colored-glass-aggregate-used-to-stripe-arizona-crosswalks