New Film Protects The Paint On Your Car Like A Film Protector On An iPhone

A new film has been developed called PPF (Paint Protection Film). It’s a very light invisible film that can be applied to to vehicles, both new and old, that will cover and protect the paint from being scratched and damaged, just like and iPhone screen protector.  Very handy for older vehicles who’s owners want to preserve the value of the car or truck.

Protects The Paint On Your Car Like A Film Protector On An iPhone

Here is an article on Glass Bytes website by Katherine Coig, where she talks about the new PPF technology..

“The automotive aftermarket restyling arena has a lot to offer auto glass shops looking to diversify. Chances are, you’re familiar with the value of window tint, but have you considered adding paint protection film (PPF) to your company’s services? It has a long selling trajectory, but, with its high profit margins, it could be well worth the investment.

If you’re unfamiliar with the product, PPF is a durable, non-yellowing film that’s virtually invisible when applied to the surface of a vehicle. It’s designed to protect a vehicle’s paint from road debris, chemical stains and everyday wear-and-tear. It’s a product that’s usually associated with new vehicles, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a valuable add-on to auto glass shops.

Chris DiMinico is the president of AutoNuvo in Holliston, Mass. His company specializes in PPF. He estimates that 80 percent of PPF installations occur when cars are first purchased, while the other 20 percent are mostly installed at auto body shops after sustaining some type of damage. The percentage may seem slim, but there are ways to sell PPF to customers with used cars, especially with a good marketing strategy.”

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