Privacy Please: Creative Window Treatments for Ultimate Peace of Mind

worker cleaning window before using tint

A big part of your property’s comfort is the privacy it provides, enabling you to enjoy yourself and your loved ones in peace. However, the sheer nature of your windows, doors and other glass openings to the outdoors in your home or office building can make achieving optimum seclusion indoors an issue without the right window treatments.


Meanwhile, if you enjoy basking in the beauty of the natural surroundings without allowing others a view into your space, then film tint offered at Reliable Glass can help you with your goal.


In either case, creative window treatments offer at least ten benefits to improve your home or office life as well as the quality of renters you attract if you are a real estate investor.


1. Blocks Out Sunlight for Increased Privacy and Less Glare


Our film tinting not only helps block out the sun’s light indoors for less glare while watching television and more, but its slightly opaque color or design also makes it harder to see into your residence from the outside. However, it does not obstruct your view of the outdoors.


It’s also a good solution for commercial properties to allow employees to work in peace without being on display, which can be distracting and slow productivity.


Or, if your office has clear partition walls, and you would like a less visible view into your workspace, we also have frosted glass film for a sophisticated touch that won’t disrupt the cohesive look of your interior design.


No matter your need for more privacy, we take it seriously and can work with you to find the right window film for your situation.


2. Helps Prevent Energy Loss


Film tinting also helps block out the sun’s heat, which can contribute to more than 70 percent of your interior’s energy loss, resulting in high utility costs.


It can also cause you to run your A/C system more to keep your space cool, which can shorten its lifespan, causing you to have to replace it sooner, thus further adding to your utility costs.


3. Helps Protect Against Skin Cancer


Our window film combined with Low-E glass installation will also help block out infrared and ultraviolet rays exposure indoors, which can damage the skin.


In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation warns that untreated glass allows more than 50 percent of UV rays indoors, which can contribute to skin cancer and more when sitting near them on sunny days.


Therefore, if you are also looking to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays while indoors, we recommend that you also consider upgrading your glass to Low-E glass for its added benefits.


4. Helps Protect Furniture, Floors and More


Infrared and ultraviolet rays can also damage your furniture, carpet, floors and other furnishings, causing them to fade, warp and more. So, you may also consider film tinting combined with Low-E glass to protect your indoor contents from becoming unsightly due to the sun’s heat and UV rays.


5. Can be Custom Fitted to Your Property’s Unique Features


Not all buildings nor their windows, doors or other glass features are created the same.


So, if you are looking to enhance your home or business’s privacy using one of our window film solutions but are wondering if it can fit your irregular glass, you’ll be glad to know that we also specialize in custom film installations for glass of any size, shape, etc., so that no window is left untreated.


You may also consider our custom home glass to further increase your window’s security, which also provides many benefits on its own, including:


  • Tempered glass, reinforced locking mechanisms, and more for enhanced security
  • Recyclable materials and more to reduce environmental impact
  • Highlighting your property’s unique features
  • Being built using the most current industry knowledge for higher standards
  • Being designed to meet your functionality requirements, such as easy to clean
  • Better insulation for even lower energy costs


Our expert design team will work with you to create a unique scheme you love and then gladly provide the skilled installation needed for the perfect blend of style, function and cost.


6. Gives Your Property an Updated Look


Window film also gives your property a more modernized look with its distinctive appearance, which helps increase its curb appeal to attract more customers, renters or buyers if you are in the market to sell.


It can also restore pride in your property that may have declined over the years due to normal wear and tear.


7. Buffers Outdoor Noise


Film tinting provides an additional layer of material to your glass, which also helps buffer your indoors from outdoor noise. Therefore, it may help reduce noise if your home or business is in a bustling area.


It can also be applied to our custom glass, which can be designed even thicker and with airtight seals for an even quieter indoor environment at home or work.


8. Increased Security


Since applying film to your windows makes it harder to see into your property, this added protection helps deter criminals from peering in.


Window film is typically made of polyester or another durable material, which makes the glass more resistant to breaking or cracking during a break-in or tumultuous weather.


Reliable Glass can install custom glass with advanced security features, such as reinforced frames, for even more security and safety for your property and its occupants.


9. It Can Also be Used to Create More Privacy for Your Shower


Many homes today are designed with showers with beautiful panels or doors that invoke a spa-like feel. However, they are often enclosed with clear glass, which may not be suitable for everyone.


In this case, we can create more privacy for your shower by replacing its clear glass enclosure with a tinted or frosted one for more elegance.


Its modern design will give your bathroom a more contemporary look, which may impress buyers and more.


You can also choose safety glass for added durability and protection against breaking.


10. It May Also Get You a Tax Credit


Upgrading your home or commercial building with products such as film tinting that make it more energy efficient may qualify you for a ten percent tax savings on your annual return.


Your privacy windows may be covered by your property insurance in the event of an accident, bad storm, high winds and more. Check with your insurer before your installation to prevent surprises later.


What Happens During Residential and Commercial Window Tinting?


The first step of property window tinting is to have your glass inspected for the right fit and materials for the best results. Once you contact us, we’ll schedule a visit that is convenient for you with our friendly technicians.


Once you decide on a window treatment, you will then make an appointment for service, at which time, we will show up promptly and carefully apply the film using specialized tools so that it is sleek, smooth and resists bubbling, raising, peeling and premature wear.


In fact, professional window tinting can last up to 20 years or more before it needs to be replaced, so it is worth the investment.


Then, once our glass technicians have finished the project and are sure they have done their best job, they will clean up after themselves to restore your home or commercial space to its original beautiful state.


Contact Reliable Window Experts in Central and Southern Arizona for Quality Work


At Reliable Glass, we have a wide inventory of different window films to increase your property’s privacy, which you can choose based on your budget and specific needs. For instance, our dark film provides maximum privacy for your home or office. However, our clear film also makes it harder to peer indoors but costs less, so it may be a better choice for the budget-conscious.


Our technicians are highly experienced in glass tinting, replacement and installation in Phoenix and Tucson. When you choose us for your service, you know it will be performed to professional standards before we leave, for no hassles later. We also have a strong reputation for great customer service, so should you encounter an issue, we will happily and quickly help you solve it.


To get started making your home or office windows more private and energy efficient, simply contact us for a free quote and to learn more about how we can help you meet your goals. And don’t forget, we also offer custom options. Therefore, even if your glass is irregular, let us know so we can begin exchanging ideas on your unique design.

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