The word window comes from the Old Norse word “vindauga” that loosely translates to “wind eye”. Original automobile windshields were made of plate glass. This type of windshield was a serious safety hazard and was replaced by laminate windshields. The laminate glass in modern safety auto glass windshields consist of a thin layer of polyvinyl butyral inserted between two layers of solid glass.

That National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was founded in 1970. The organization has passed many regulations regarding automotive glass. You should replace your windshield if there is a crack or even just a nick that is in your line of vision. Making sure that your line of sight is unimpaired is crucial to your safety.  Below, please find several criteria for auto glass window replacement:

  • If the car glass window’s nick or split is directly in front of driver’s view
  • If the crack touches the edge of the auto glass windshield
  • If the crack is over 6 inches
  • If the crack grows in multiple directions
  • If the chip is broader than a fifty cent piece
  • If the chip is too deep

Safety is of the utmost importance when driving, so make sure you contact a reliable auto glass company that uses quality materials and technicians that are experienced. Especially in Phoenix, when the temperature gets over 100 degrees, there are a lot of incidences that require you to not only have quality glass replacement, but also a company that gets your Phoenix auto glass repair done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today for a free estimate.