Caring for Your New Car Windshield

Once your windshield is installed, there are specific care instructions that you must follow to ensure a good installation:

  1. Your vehicle needs to sit for a minimum of ONE HOUR before you drive it. This allows the adhesive to dry, providing a good, strong seal.
  2. Do not slam your car doors with all of the windows closed for a minimum of 48 hours. The molding and adhesive are “curing” or drying, and a slammed door might puncture the seal. If weather permits, keep your door windows rolled down slightly, and close your doors very gently.
  3. Do not use your sunshade or replace your dash mat for a minimum of 48 hours. You don’t want anything to push against the windshield and touch the wet urethane during that period.
  4. We often use tape to secure your windshield moldings while the adhesive cures. Although you may not like the appearance, leave the tape in place for a minimum of 24 hours following installation.
  5. Do not put your car through a high pressure car wash for a minimum of 48 hours. The pressure of the water against a new installation can displace the moldings. Allow your windshield, adhesive and moldings the full 48 hours to become set and dry. A hand wash, however, is acceptable during that time.

These simple instructions will protect your investment of a new windshield against immediate problems. Bear in mind that choosing NOT to follow these instructions may void your lifetime warranty.