New Tesla Model Using Almost All Glass

There are already 400,000 reservations on the model and it is still counting. With this staggering amount of reservations, the Vice President of Investor Relations, Jeff Evanson, assured the public that the model will be set to release around second half of 2017. He also revealed that the base version would have 215 miles of range and is equipped with a battery pack smaller than 60 kWh.


The company will be using an all-new type of glass with the Model 3. The new glass was developed by the “Tesla Glass Tech group” which is concentrating solely on – you guessed it – developing new types of glass. In addition to being used in the Model 3, the new glass will also be used on Tesla’s solar roof tiles.

Although there are skeptics of Tesla’s “solar shingles”, due to the previous products that have failed in the solar industry, the company assured the public that the glass technology group is using a range of techniques related to the automotive glass business.

Musk also confirmed that producing glass volume is fairly cheap therefore the use of glass on the car could be extensive – and early model prototypes seem to confirm that.

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