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When Can I Drive After A Windshield Replacement?

When Can I Drive After Windshield Replacement?

The minimum time that is required before you can drive after a windshield replacement is 30 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes after your windshield has been replaced for the adhesive to cure. It may take a bit longer depending on extreme hot or extreme cold.
The term drive-away […]

What Size Of Window Rock Chips Can Be Repaired

Damage to the windshield often occurs as cracks or chips. In a chip, the point of impact is clearly visible and form configurations of stars, half moon and bull’s eyes to mention but a few.

But a crack forms a distinct line that can range from a few inches to the full extent of the […]

How To Stop A Windshield Chip From Spreading

Some minor chips to your windshield can be fixed if the repair job is done soon after the damage happens.

Small chips that are 1 ¼ inches or smaller (size of a quarter) can usually be repaired but anything larger may be too much to fix.

A special resin can be injected into the center of […]

What Is An OEM Windshield

When your windshield cracks and requires an entire replacement, you can either choose between OEM and aftermarket glass. The difference is an aftermarket glass is made by a company or production line other than the original equipment manufacturer.
Short for Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM glass is fabricated by the same manufacturer that provided the original glass […]

Insurance Coverage For Auto Glass In Arizona

Every driver knows that sinking feeling–your windshield is cracked and may need to be replaced.  Will your insurance cover this?

In Arizona, auto glass replacement is covered by comprehensive insurance.
There are three types of auto insurance:

Liability – covers the damage done to another vehicle in the event of an accident only
Collision – covers damage […]

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