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How Does Car Window Tint Reduce Heat

How does a car window tint work exactly? Window tint is designed to prevent the harmful thermal rays from passing through the windows. Specifically, the technology behind it is designed to block certain wavelengths, while allowing others to enter.  The tint filters the amount of radiation entering the car interior by blocking the infrared […]

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When Can I Drive After A Windshield Replacement?

When Can I Drive After Windshield Replacement?

The minimum time that is required before you can drive after a windshield replacement is 30 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes after your windshield has been replaced for the adhesive to cure. It may take a bit longer depending on extreme hot or extreme cold.
The term drive-away […]

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Are Car Windshields Tempered Glass?

Are Car Windshields Tempered Glass?

There are two different types of glass that are used on your windshield or your windows.
They are:

Tempered Auto Glass
It is also known as toughened glass. It is created by heating and rapidly cooling a cut-out piece of glass in a process known as quenching. After the process, the glass […]

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Do Toyota Dealerships Replace Windshields

Toyota remains the world leader in vehicle manufacturing because it is committed to the delivery of reliable, safe and high-quality vehicles.

Early designs of vehicle windshields comprise of tempered glass sheets held together by a strong inner vinyl layer. Safeguards like this are in place to prevent the glass from shattering on impact when a […]

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What Size Of Window Rock Chips Can Be Repaired

Damage to the windshield often occurs as cracks or chips. In a chip, the point of impact is clearly visible and form configurations of stars, half moon and bull’s eyes to mention but a few.

But a crack forms a distinct line that can range from a few inches to the full extent of the […]

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