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Who Fixes Windshield Chips

Windshield cracks and chips can be repaired using a home kit or by having a professional glass repair technician come to your home or office and do the repair on the spot. If you use a home kit, the kits can cost anywhere from $15-$50 and up, usually having to order them online and […]

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Are Windshield Wipers Required By Law

The law states that every vehicle on the road must have windshield wipers that are in good working order.  Having your windshield wipers off during rain, sleet or snow is actually against the law as well.

Trying to navigate the roads without a working windshield wiper is illegal.  What seems like a minor infraction could […]

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Different Tint Levels For A Windshield

Tinted car windows are extremely beneficial, both for saving energy, safety and privacy reasons. Other than extending the condition and life of your interior, they also help accentuate the exterior appearance of your car and help block out heat and ultraviolet rays that can be harmful to our health.

90- 70% tint level: This […]

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Can Auto Glass Be Polished

Yes. You can polish auto glass. It’s common to get a rock chip or scratch in your windshield. You can either buy a window polish kit and watch some videos and do it yourself or you can hire a professional window service to polish the glass for you.

Below is a list of some of […]

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What’s The Best Auto Glass Cleaner

Keeping your vehicle clean can be harsh sometimes. Filthy windshields can reduce visibility on the road which may then lead to a traffic accident. Having a routine car care inspection is important to keep your vehicle clean and clear.

Cleaning your car windows provides a clear visibility for both the driver and passengers. Fortunately, there are […]

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