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ASU’s New Copper & Glass Building

ASU’s New Copper & Glass Building
The latest addition to the downtown Phoenix Biomedical Campus opened Thursday to house labs for cancer, molecular medicine and other health research.

The University of Arizona held a ceremony Thursday night to officially open its $136 million Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building on Seventh and Fillmore streets. The glass-and-copper structure adds […]

BMW Details Plan For Fully Automated Driving By 2021

BMW Details Plan For Fully Automated Driving By 2021

The iNext vehicle will feature Level 3 autonomy.

As we have already reported, BMW is joining forces with Mobileye and Intel to work on autonomous technologies set to be used in future production models of the brand. The first to feature such systems will arrive in 2021.

It’s […]

Glass Car Tower

Bizarre glass tower stacked with cars works ‘like a vehicle vending machine
Bizarre glass tower stacked full of cars has left passing drivers scratching their heads, wondering; how on Earth did they all get up there?

But the strange contraption works ‘like a vending machine’ according to the company that owns it, and they have made […]

Sony’s New Speaker

Last year at CES, Sony showed off its Symphonic Light speaker, a gorgeous speaker made out of glass. Reminiscent of a lantern, Sony offered few details about the product. Now that speaker is back with a new name — the Glass Sound Speaker — and will hit the market next month as a wireless […]

Reliable Glass is Classified as an Essential Service
and We are Open for Business

Reliable Glass Response to COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reliable Glass is taking the appropriate measures to ensure our clients, employees, and communities are kept safe while managing our operations. Several measures have been put into place while servicing our customers. Below are some of the practices we have put into place:

Reliable Glass is committed to serving its customers and continuing normal business operations while maintaining sanitation and safety. Please call us at 602-340-8222 or email at if you have any questions or are needing service.