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How Does Car Window Tint Reduce Heat

How does a car window tint work exactly? Window tint is designed to prevent the harmful thermal rays from passing through the windows. Specifically, the technology behind it is designed to block certain wavelengths, while allowing others to enter.  The tint filters the amount of radiation entering the car interior by blocking the infrared […]

21 Million Self-Driving Cars Could Be On The Road

Daron Gifford – Contributing Writer at Biz Journals said this..

For some, the traditional, gas-powered car, particularly those priced at the high end, will remain a status symbol or a piece of art, for some time.

Utilitarian electric vehicles and computerized autonomy will slowly overtake emotional attachment to the combustion engines and hands-on-the-wheel experience, most notably, […]

Trucks Not Allowed

Trucks Not Allowed In Self-Driving Car Legislation
Trucks have come a long way from where they used to be.  There are currently about 6 million semi trucks driving the roads these days with drivers behind the wheel.

Recently, congress passed a bill allowing 100,000 self driving cars to be made.  Now, an argument was made to […]

Protecting The Paint On Your Car

New Film Protects The Paint On Your Car Like A Film Protector On An iPhone
A new film has been developed called PPF (Paint Protection Film). It’s a very light invisible film that can be applied to to vehicles, both new and old, that will cover and protect the paint from being scratched and damaged, […]

Christine Roeger – ASU Scientific Glassblower

Christine Roeger leads ASU’s Scientific Glassblowing Facility

ASU’s House of Glass
Located in the Bateman Physical Sciences Center on the Tempe campus, ASU’s Scientific Glassblowing Facility allows faculty and students from all schools and departments to request customized glassware for their research needs. This includes distillation glassware, custom reaction vessels and vacuum glassware, among other tools.

“I […]

Reliable Glass is Classified as an Essential Service
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Reliable Glass Response to COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reliable Glass is taking the appropriate measures to ensure our clients, employees, and communities are kept safe while managing our operations. Several measures have been put into place while servicing our customers. Below are some of the practices we have put into place:

Reliable Glass is committed to serving its customers and continuing normal business operations while maintaining sanitation and safety. Please call us at 602-340-8222 or email at if you have any questions or are needing service.