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Cars With Wood Pulp Parts

Future Cars Could be 80% Lighter & Made Of Wood Pulp Parts
People in Japan are trying to find a way to replace parts of cars with a lighter material that is strong using wood pulp. With the introduction of electric cars coming fast into the market, the need for heavy metal vehicles is diminishing. […]

October 2nd, 2017|News & Events|0 Comments

Almost Intelligent Headlight Beams

Mercedes: Almost Intelligent Headlight Beams That Know Where To Shine The Light
Mercedes is developing headlight beams that are smart, (called DLP, Digital Light Projection) and can examine the road ahead to determine which way, left or right and how high, up or down, to shine their headlight beams. Along with other useful information that […]

October 1st, 2017|News & Events|0 Comments

Trucks Not Allowed

Trucks Not Allowed In Self Driving Car Legislation
Trucks have come a long way from where they used to be.  There are currently about 6 million semi trucks driving the roads these days with drivers behind the wheel.

Recently, congress passed a bill allowing 100,000 self driving cars to be made.  Now, an argument was made […]

September 29th, 2017|News & Events|0 Comments

Protecting The Paint On Your Car

New Film Protects The Paint On Your Car Like A Film Protector On An iPhone
A new film has been developed called PPF (Paint Protection Film). It’s a very light invisible film that can be applied to to vehicles, both new and old, that will cover and protect the paint from being scratched and damaged, […]

September 16th, 2017|News & Events|0 Comments

Cars Of The Future

Cars Of The Future Might Eliminate The Auto Repair Industry

In an article at www.qz.com by Sarah Kessler, she talks about how cars of the future may end up being so automated and connected that it will severely limit the amount of business independant auto repair shops make due to systems being monitored and controlled […]

September 6th, 2017|News & Events|0 Comments