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Airbags In The Sunroof

In the event of a car rollover, one day airbags may deploy across the length of the car, covering the roof inside from the back all the way to the front.

By David A. Wood, CarComplaints.com Posted in News.

Sunroof airbags aren’t something you see even with the most expensive mass-produced vehicles equipped with panoramic sunroofs, […]

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Self Driving Cars – Professional Car Driving Industry

The age of self driving cars is here. Over 100,000 self driving cars were approved to go into production, and even though the motion to allow commercial trucks and vehicles was denied, there is no doubt that soon it will get approved. It may be years away, but without a doubt one day professional […]

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Self Driving Shuttle Bus – It’s First Wreck

There was a bus in Las Vegas that was self driving on it’s first day of service and accidentally grazed the fender of another commercial vehicle. The sensors picked up the other vehicle and stopped in time, however the other car, which was not self driving and had no sensors, bumped the fender.

Had […]

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Tesla Implements It’s Own Insurance

Tesla made a deal with a major auto insurance provider to roll out it’s own special insurance program for Tesla electric car owners.

In an article by By Gabriela Barkho on November 6, 2017 . @ Inverse.com, they state…

InsureMyTesla, as it’s being dubbed, has rolled out in partnership with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company in the […]

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Cars With Wood Pulp Parts

Future Cars Could be 80% Lighter & Made Of Wood Pulp Parts
People in Japan are trying to find a way to replace parts of cars with a lighter material that is strong using wood pulp. With the introduction of electric cars coming fast into the market, the need for heavy metal vehicles is diminishing. […]

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