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What Is Windshield Washer Fluid Made Of?

Windshield washer fluid, also known as windshield screen wash, is often made of specific ingredients. These ingredients are not damaging at all. Instead, they are mild, yet effective in cleaning the debris off the screen of the car.  
The fluid is often made of water, a form of detergent that is specific to a […]

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Does Windshield Washer Fluid Have Antifreeze

There are some windshield washer fluids that contain some small amount of antifreeze. These types of washer fluids are commonly referred to as “washer fluid antifreeze”.  However, antifreeze can dissolve paint, so while it is safe to put antifreeze into the windshield washer reservoir, it’s not recommended to pour in without a store bought […]

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What Is Static ADAS Camera Auto Calibration?

Static & Dynamic Calibration Explained

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Phoenix Certified ADAS Technician

An ADAS Certified Technician is a person who works with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) auto camera systems on the front windshield area, side windows and rear windows of the car in order to have them be calibrated to adjust for any kind of change or adjustment to the camera system, which includes changing […]

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What Does ADAS Window Calibration Cost

The fees to have a window with motion detector or other detection sensors re-calibrated almost doubles the costs of window replacement.

If you are getting the window replaced on a newer vehicle that uses front, side or rear view cameras, the sensors need to be professionally re-aligned, usually by an ADAS Certified Technician. The average […]

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