How To Stop A Windshield Chip From Spreading

Some minor chips to your windshield can be fixed if the repair job is done soon after the damage happens.

Small chips that are 1 ¼ inches or smaller (size of a quarter) can usually be repaired but anything larger may be too much to fix.

A special resin can be injected into the center of the chip damage that takes the shape of a bullseye or a flower to make it look as good as new provided the center of the chip doesn’t have crushed glass.

Types Of Cracks That Might Not Be Able To be Repaired

  • Besides crushed glass
  • Long cracks
  • Previously fixed old chips
  • Cracks that look like spider legs poking out from the chip
  • Chip and crack at the edge of the windshield that can’t be repaired

Chips can turn into cracks and spread fast depending on the heat or weather conditions that fluctuate between hot and cold, but even in mild temperatures, something like a rock chip might get larger if it’s not fixed in time.

If a chip or crack measures about a foot long, half an inch wide or has been on your windshield for a while, you should consider replacing your entire windshield for safety and compliance reasons.

The goal is to keep the chip clean to prevent dirt, debris and water from entering the crack.

Using A DIY Kit For Auto Glass Repairs

You can purchase a DIY repair kit that contains a specialized resin that will seal any chip or crack on the glass and prevent further spreading.

The DIY kit also contains a 1/16-inch drill bit that you can use to bore a small hole through the top layer of the glass then force the resin in to seal a crack or chip. Some motorists have reported success using standard cyanoacrylate glue (super glue) on minor chips or cracks. Others use clear acrylic nail polish on the inside and outside of the crack as a temporary solution while they schedule a visit to a repair shop.

These days, without without insurance, it’s easier and more affordable on your time, energy and safety to have glass replaced by a professional service, especially if you have a newer vehicle that needs some camera or sensor calibration after the replacement.

Temperature variations will also cause the glass in your vehicle to expand and contract, ultimately causing your windshield to weaken.