How To Replace Windshield Wipers

Have broken windshield wipers and want to replace them with new ones? Here are some easy to do steps to follow.

Windshield wipers and vehicles may differ, if after trying out the following tips and you have trouble getting it right, you can usually go to an AutoZone or Auto Parts shop and get free help from the employees behind the counter.

  • Measure length of wiper blade, using a tape measure or ruler. Get the right size for your vehicle.
  • Set the new blades in a vertical position on the windshield.
  • Switch the wipers on using the ignition, ensuring the wiper arms are standing straight up.
  • Lift the arm from the windshield & swivel the blade.
  • Pull the wiper arm away from the glass, swivel the wiper so the entire blade is at right angles to the arm.
  • Pull the connector’s lower tabs outward to release the wiper blade downward or simply push a button to release the blade.
  • As soon as it is disengaged, slide down to detach the entire blade from the hook.
  • Place the new wiper blade connector straight into the hook.
  • Glide the new wiper blade connector – hooking to the hook, and pull the blade upward – expecting a clicking noise.
  • As soon as you have successfully done this, place the wiper blade down and go on to carry out the same process on the other side.
  • Once installation is complete, test the wipers to be sure everything is working fine by turning them on.

That’s it. The process should take no more than 5 minutes.