How To Remove Auto Glass Water Spots

About Auto Glass Water Spots

Water spots and road film build up on the surface of glass reducing visibility and diminishing the efficiency of your car’s windshield wipers. Water spots can reduce visibility and create a dangerous vision issue when driving in heavy rain, sleet or snow.

How Do Water Spots Form on Windshields?

Once a droplet of water evaporates, all the minerals suspended inside are left behind as a surface stain.

Calcium, sodium, and other alkaline’s leave chalky white residue on paint, glass, chrome, and plastic on any vehicle.

When a surface gets wet, the water evaporates but leaves the mineral deposits behind. This is how water spots are formed.

The Best Auto Glass Buffing Polish

Below is a list of some of the best auto glass polish repair kits and powders, as seen on Pro Car Reviews

Glass PolishSpecialtyType
GP21005 Glass DIY KitWindshield Scratch RepairCutting Compound
Duragloss 755Water SpotsLow Strength Polish
Griot’s Garage 11017Water Spots & Road FilmMid Strength Polish
3D EraserWater SpotsLow Strength Polish
Krittapas IntertradeWindshield Scratch RepairCerium Oxide Powder

What Is Auto Glass Polish?

Auto glass polish restores windshield cracks and scratches in the glass. You can learn more about auto glass polish here.

How Does Window Polish For Auto Glass Work?

Removes hard water stains from windows. Restores crystal clarity to glass and optical plastic. Repels and beads water.
On a  treated surfaces  water spots and stains are prevented. Can either work by hand or machine polisher.

Works on windshields, side windows, side mirrors, headlights, tail lights, bug shields etc.