How Long Does Windshield Replacement Take

It can take between 30-60 minutes. If your vehicle’s window is cracked or broken, it’s important you replace it so that you will be able to properly see out of it while driving. It is particularly important to your safety.

Windshields & The Law

Every vehicle’s windshield is made to serve as a safety feature and automobile law indicates that all safety devices have to be completely functional.

It is required by law – that the glass should be strong enough to hold the windshield even in a collision. The law also states that the adhesive used should be 6 times stronger for vehicles that include passenger side airbags.

Don’t let a little chip or crack turn into a significant expense or an unsafe driving hazard for you and your family. Get your windshield repaired right away.

Greg Tornga is the owner of Reliable Glass in Phoenix. His company can help repair auto glass all across the Phoenix Valley.

Below, please find several criteria for the need for auto window replacement:

  • If the car glass window’s nick or split is directly in front of driver’s view
  • If the crack touches the edge of the auto glass windshield
  • If the crack is over 6 inches
  • If the crack grows in multiple directions
  • If the chip is broader than a fifty cent piece
  • If the chip is too deep

So How Long Does Windshield Replacement Take?

When windshield replacement is done by a professional, it is between 30 and 60 minutes to fix.

It really doesn’t take much time, and you should not drive the vehicle for an extra 60 minutes once the glass has been replaced, so it can dry and fit in securely. Also hostile weather conditions (rare in Arizona) can lead to hitches, and may allow for longer time for the glue to dry and cure.