How Long Do You Have to Keep the Tape on a New Windshield?

Although you may not like the appearance, leave the tape in place for a minimum of 24 hours following installation.

The tape is to keep water and debris from getting under the trim and keep the window in place in case of any motion. Do not slam your car doors with all of the windows closed for a minimum of 48 hours.

The molding and adhesive are “curing” or drying, and a slammed door might puncture the seal. If weather permits, keep your door windows rolled down slightly, and close your doors very gently.

The tape is put there to hold the glass from shifting while the windshield caulk takes a set. The windshield caulk also includes the glue, urethane or butyl sealant that is used to attach the windshield to the car structure. Two large strips of the tape are put from the roof down onto the glass. They keep the windshield in place and prevent it from shifting until the urethane cures and the windshield dries. The tape also keeps out elements like rain from the windshield to keep the adhesive dry.

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Hot vs Cold Weather

Here in Arizona, the weather is almost always in a good condition, to play it safe we recommend 24 hours, if you were in a colder climate, it could take up to 3 days for the adhesive to seal.

Avoid Car Washes

While the tape is still on your windshield, you should not take it to a car wash especially a high pressure car wash. This is because the pressure will cause the tape and even the glue to come off forcing you to go back to the shop again. Instead, you can opt for a manual wash as this doesn’t damage your windshield.