How Do You Stop Condensation on Inside of Car Windows?

Condensation inside your car happens when warm and humid air gets condensed after coming into contact with a cooler surface. It can happen when:

  • There is cold weather and the warm breath of the driver and passengers meets the cold window glasses and gets condensed
  • Something wet or damp in the car gets into contact with heat from the sun. Without a ventilation system, the moisture fails to escape and turns into a thick mist after touching the glass surface.

You can stop condensation on the inside of your car with these tricks:

  1. Turning on the defrost button: By switching on both the heat and AC systems you will be able to clear up the moisture from the air and keep the interior comfortable
  2. Creating a passage for ventilation: When it’s sunny or warm, leave your car windows slightly open as you drive. You will be able to keep the interior warm while still creating a passage for the moisture to get outside. During the night, keep your windows closed to keep dew from your windshield.
  3. During rainy days: Don’t leave your windows or sunroof open. If you do, you will be letting in moisture resulting in your windows being foggy
  4. Discard all wet items in your car which could be sources of moisture
  5. Repair and seal any leaks that may be letting in moisture
  6. Turn off the re-circulation valve to allow dry air in from the outside and remove indoor moisture

With these tricks up your sleeve, you will be able to stop your windows from interior condensation.