How Do You Keep Car Windows from Fogging Up In The Winter?

Usually car windows fog up when your windows are colder than the dew point inside the car. With enough moisture in your car, the moisture condenses causing mist to form on your windows.

Tips to help you keep your windows from fogging up:

  • Turn on air conditioning to remove moisture from your car
  • Turn on the heater to help warm the windows above dew point
  • Don’t hit the recirculation setting on your car heater. It will make your car warmer at a faster rate and keep the moisture inside the car.
  • If you can, try and open the window to let out a little bit of the moist air
  • Kick off the snow on your boots or clothes before you enter your car
  • Clean your windows since a buildup of dust and oil give more surface for water or snow to cling on to
  • Use an anti-fog coating on your windows. It is a far much better option than just cleaning your windows
  • Use a dehumidifier to remove some moisture from the air. It will really help with preventing fogging on your windows

Now you’ll be able to see much more clearly. If you have regular fogging problems, then you should check for leaks and make sure that your car is not letting in water where it shouldn’t be.