How Do You Get Rid of Foggy Car Windows?

Foggy windows are caused by temperature and moisture conditions inside the car. There are two instances when your windows can be foggy:

  1. When it is colder outside than inside your car

This happens when moisture inside the car hits air next to the windows that is below the dew point and then condenses. In such situations, you can get rid of foggy windows by:

  • Lowering the temperature inside your car by turning on the defrost vent with cool air.
  • Crack a window but make sure that you don’t turn on the heater.
  • Turn on your car’s rear-window defogger to clear up the back window
  • Turn off the recirculating feature in your car’s ventilation system
  • Plan ahead by keeping your car glass as clean as possible
  1. When its warmer outside than inside your car

Moisture will condense on the outside of your window. You can get rid of foggy windows with these tips:

  • Use your windshield wipers to get rid of the condensation
  • Turn down the AC to the lowest setting to at least make your car warm
  • Leave recirculation off so that the temperature and moisture levels inside your car can equalize with those outside