How Do I Keep My Windshield From Fogging Up?

Windshield fogging can happen either on the inside or the outside of your vehicle. You can keep your windshield from fogging up with these tips.

Using an ammonia-based window cleaner

You can rub the inside of the windshield with an ammonia-based cleaners. This is because an ammonia-based cleaner will remove the buildup of film that commonly emanates on windshields. While rubbing the cleaner onto your windshield, do so with orderly horizontal or vertical strokes. Use the cleaner regularly for the best results.

Use the defogger or defroster heat setting regularly

You can effectively keep your windshield from fogging up by warming up your car. Turning on the heater and the defroster will do exactly that.

Use the fresh air setting on your air conditioner or heater

If your car has air conditioning, then you should use the fresh air setting rather than the recirculate setting. The recirculate setting usually reuses the humid and moist air already in the car creating a situation where your windshield can fog up

Open your window

Even if it is for a short period of time, leave your window open.

  1. Shake off or use a rag to dry your shoes before entering your car
  2. If you are not comfortable with using an ammonia-based cleaner, then you can use shaving cream to clean your windshield.

All these tips are to help you keep away from driving with a fogged up windshield.