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Dodge Durango Auto Glass Repair and ReplacementThe Dodge Durango is a sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by Dodge. The first two generations were very similar in that both were based on the Dodge Dakota, both featured a body-on-frame construction and both were produced at the Newark Assembly plant in Newark, Delaware. However, they did differ in that the first generation was classified as a mid-sized SUV, while the second generation was classified as a full-sized SUV.

The third-generation Durango is built on the same platform as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, features unibody construction, and has been assembled at the Jefferson North Assembly plant in Detroit, Michigan, since mid-2010. It continues as a full-sized SUV.

Estimate Of Replacing A Windshield On A Dodge Durango

The costs of replacing a windshield can vary. Here is a fair, average estimation of windshield replacement costs by vehicle type in the Phoenix, AZ Valley.

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The Durango was marketed as a sturdy truck-based SUV designed to hold up to seven passengers and tow up to 7,500 lb when properly equipped. The Durango shared a front end, instrument panel, and front seats with the Dakota pickup on which it was based. Original designs of the eight-passenger Durango featured a rear-facing third row similar to many older station wagons. To make room for a more practical forward-facing third row, Dodge shortened the length of the front doors and raised the roof two inches beyond the front seats, allowing for stadium seating. The Durango’s roof rack was designed to mask the appearance of the raised roof.

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