Cars Of The Future Might Eliminate The Auto Repair Industry

In an article at by Sarah Kessler, she talks about how cars of the future may end up being so automated and connected that it will severely limit the amount of business independant auto repair shops make due to systems being monitored and controlled by Sales lots and the manufacturer.

“Car manufacturers have just begun to explore ways to expand business opportunities that could be built on connected vehicles and all of the data that come with them. GM’s Onstar, for instance, tells customers when they need an oil change or when their brake pads need to be switched. These recommendations are not based on the traditional “it’s been 3,000 miles” timeline, but upon sensors that monitor what is happening in the car and things like the climate of your area. Tesla says it can spot 90% of service repair issues remotely, so it can order parts and have them waiting for customers at its repair centers. But there’s more to be done.

Some worry that eventually, services like GM’s Onstar could share data they receive from connected cars with local GM dealers, who offer repairs and maintenance service, but they won’t necessarily share this type of information with Dykstra or the other 180,000 independent auto repair businesses in the United States, which could leave them at a disadvantage. Or worse, manufacturers will move data that shops need to fix cars, some of which is currently accessible by the OBD port, to these new connected systems, where it will be less accessible to independent businesses.”

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