The history of the window and windshield is more interesting than you’d think. In fact, the word “window” was first recorded as far back as the early 13th century, and originally referred to an unglazed hole in a roof. Then, in 1917, Charlotte Bridgewood patented an automatic windshield wiper system that she called the “Electric Storm Windshield Cleaner” (her daughter, oddly enough, also created the turn signal). In 1934, the Chrysler Airflow CW became the first production car to use a single-piece of curved windshield. Finally, in 1970, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was founded, and has since passed several regulations regarding automotive glass.

Did you also know that “defenestrate” is a verb that means to throw something (or someone) out of a window? Chances are if you’ve defenestrated that back seat driver, then you’re in the market for something a bit stronger than auto glass repair kits, like some auto glass repair services. Although the likelihood that you’ve defenestrated someone out of your car is low, there are tons of funny reasons why people have found themselves in need of auto glass repair throughout the history of vehicle glass repair.

Here is a short list of funny reasons why people found themselves in need of auto glass repair:

YouTube user Steve Spell II was so angered at his failure to get his inspection sticker renewed over a crack in his windshield that he decided to show the denizens of the web what a real crack is… by taking his nunchucks to the windshield. He and a friend savagely beat his car’s old windshield with nunchucks until the glass caved in. On his first swing, he even broke his trusty martial arts weapon!

Chuck Norris kicking.
Popular automotive blog Jalopnik recently posted a video showing a man kicking out his windshield from the inside of his car. Stef Schrader, a girl who found herself in need of window and glass repair, also found out that her car didn’t have proper safety auto glass, because it left huge chunks of sharp glass all over the inside of the vehicle!

Hopefully, you personally will not need auto glass repair kits because of either of these situations. What are some of the funny stories you’ve heard about people who needed auto glass repair?