You wouldn’t wait weeks to get a broken arm looked at by your doctor, so why would you take the same chance with your car? Auto glass repairs are typically quick, easy procedures that can be made for a relatively inexpensive cost, and they don’t usually affect the resale value of your car. It’s a good idea to get a chip or crack repair up front, rather than waiting it out and risking disaster in the future. Why? Read below to find out.

Opt for a quick auto glass repair over a complete replacement.
Some drivers believe that it’s a better investment to simply replace the entire windshield than to get a small chip or crack repaired. Take our word for it: it’s not. Replacing a windshield is a good investment, but it’s not one you need to make when a simple, quick repair will do just fine. Most insurance providers will even cover the cost of the repair (depending on your policy, of course). Plus, these quick fixes can be done almost anywhere — either on-the-go or in the shop.

Keep a roll of tape in your glove box.
Cracks can form in even the most advanced auto safety glass — it’s just a reality of the road. Tiny rocks and other debris get kicked up at high speeds, causing your windshield to take some minor damage here and there. When it comes to chip or crack repair, a shop can take care of the aesthetics but, in the meantime, it might not be a bad option to cover the crack with clear tape in order to prevent further damage. Worry about the way it looks later. Keep your car safe until you can call to get the chip or crack repaired.

Quality replacement windshields are always better deals.
No windshield is better than the one originally installed when your car was built in the factory. That’s why we recommend quality automobile glass. Don’t fall for gimmicks or bad quality auto glass for your windshield replacement. Some replacement glass just simply isn’t as durable and can cause problems for the value of your auto and you.

Even a tiny crack could mean trouble.
There’s an old saying often attributed to the Roman poet, Ovid: “Dripping water hollows out a stone.” It means that many tiny actions eventually add up to a large force. The same thing can be said for your windshield, where even the smallest crack can spell disaster if it lingers long enough to become a larger problem. Always contact a glass repair shop at the first sign of any cracks in your glass in order to prevent having to replace your windshield.