Corning expands market for Gorilla Glass

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(Photo: Corning Inc. photo)


One of the keys to Corning Inc.’s recent success is the way it keeps expanding the uses of its current products.

Take Gorilla Glass as an example.

The protective cover glass was developed for Apple’s iPhone, one of the most successful consumer products in history.

It has since gone on to become the choice of 40 major manufacturers for use in more than 1,800 products that have sold 5 billion units.

You might think that would be enough. But Corning Inc. is still finding new places — and new devices — where Gorilla Glass can continue to grow.

The iPhone, of course, is a top-of-the-line smartphone that some devotees would buy even if it meant they had to skip their prescription medicines.

But there are markets — large markets such as India — where many consumers want smartphones but can’t afford iPhones.

That’s where Corning Inc. recently made a deal to provide Gorilla Glass for moderately priced smartphones that are within the reach of many of India’s customers.

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