Replacing Commercial Glass In The Phoenix Valley

Windows and entrances are considered crucial security elements. While mostly secure and stable, in some instances, they can break. For safety reasons, commercial glass replacement or repair must be done as soon as possible.

Many businesses have recognized the wonderful aesthetics, safety, strength and energy efficiency glass provides. When your glass sustains damage, we can help. In the Phoenix Valley, only one company is trusted when it comes to commercial glass repair – Reliable Glass.

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When it comes to your commercial window repair or any commercial glass replacement, your business deserves the best. This is where we come in. At Reliable Glass, we provide world-class craftsmanship, and can assist in the following areas:

  • Storefront window repair
  • Broken glass door repair
  • Emergency board-up services

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How to Choose the Best Commercial Glass for Your Business

Aside from ensuring your establishment’s safety, commercial glass can also help your business stand out aesthetically. A stunning storefront window or an eye-catching window display can do wonders for your business.

The whole look can appear flat if your glass windows or doors are broken. The importance of using the right glass for your business cannot be overstated. When looking for the most suitable commercial glass, keep the following basics in mind:


When choosing commercial glass, it is important to consider the level of privacy you need in your commercial space. For instance, if you choose a glass for your retail store, you would need little privacy as you want buyers to see your products. However, if you are opening a spa, some privacy is needed.

  • Tinted/Frosted Glass. If you require a great level of privacy, tinted or frosted glass is the way to go. Frosted glass can provide some level of privacy while still allowing natural light in.
  • Clear Glass. Clear glass is your best option if you want to turn passersby into customers. Clear glass allows you to display products for outsiders to see. It is also the best option for businesses that want to create an inviting and bright ambiance, like retail stores and ice cream parlors.


For storefront windows, choosing a durable glass is recommended. With lots of customers expected to walk through your door, you will need glass that can withstand high traffic.


Safety should be a top priority when looking for commercial glass for storefront use. When broken, regular glass can break into sharp pieces. That said, opting for a glass that crumbles instead of shatters would be best.

  • Tempered Glass. Tempered glass is a great and safe option for a storefront or commercial use, since it is designed to crumble rather than shatter. When broken, tempered glass will have smooth and rounded edges. This can help prevent any injuries to yourself or customers.
  • Security Glass. This is another great option for storefronts as it won’t shatter into sharp pieces. Security glass also has an external and internal laminate that holds it together so broken pieces won’t go flying.

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