What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Auto Glass Shop?

Good Characteristics Of A Good Auto Glass Shop

These are some excellent auto glass shop characteristics, from Auto Glass Secrets

  • Are part of the Insurance Auto Glass Network and/or Association
  • Offer an independent lifetime warranty in addition to the insurance company
  • Have been in business for 5+ years
  • Pay the money to be part of the Better Business Bureau
  • Will invest the money to be a part of Angie’s List, where customers rate them
  • Background and drug tests for installers
  • Use W2 employees
  • Send you email with profile and picture of your auto glass installer before they arrive
  • Local retails shops you can go to for service
  • Nationwide company so if you have an issue in another state, they can fix your auto glass for free
  • Have the resources to repair your car if the technician causes damage to your vehicle
  • Have state-of-the-art tools – not a match or crowbar
  • Have training and certification programs for all new auto glass installers
  • Customer survey and status notification to the insurance agent
  • Offer best price guarantee for cash purchases
  • Company-branded vehicles with name, phone number, and uniforms
  • The urethane should be kept in a warm container or other device to keep the contents from hardening up.  You will see some glass technicians leaving their van idling to keep the caulking at a good temperature for this reason.  If you see them pull the caulking (urethane) out of the back of a truck and it’s hot outside, good luck.
  • Do not offer rebates to agents and staff such as Free Dinners, Free Steaks, or Cash
  • Will let you watch the auto glass chip repair or windshield replacement and will explain what they are doing