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Will Windshield Replacement Increase Insurance

Will Windshield Replacement Increase My Insurance?
It depends on the insurance company and the extent of the damage to the windows. If it is just a crack or chip, it’s possible it is covered due to it being ‘unavoidable’ damage. It also depends on the type of deductible you have.

Actually, repairing a window for a […]

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How Much Does Windshield Repair Cost

How Much Does Windshield Repair Cost?
When your windshield becomes damaged, it can impair your vision and make driving dangerous. It is important to have your windshield replaced by a trusted professional as soon as possible. Need an estimate on price before you call? Check out our article on how much does it cost to […]

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Will My Insurance Cover Windshield Repair

In Arizona, windshield glass replacement is covered by comprehensive insurance.

There are three types of insurance:

Liability Insurance – covers the damage done to another vehicle in the event of an accident only
Collision Insurance – covers damage to the insured’s car and the other vehicle if there is an accident
Comprehensive Insurance – includes the protection of the liability […]

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Rainbow Crosswalks

Rainbow Crosswalks in Arizona
An article by Allan Heydorn talks about how sidewalks in Arizona are getting painted rainbow colors, both in Phoenix and in Tucson. And it is catching on all over the United States.

Speedy Striping is always on the lookout for unusual, cutting-edge or high-profile projects, so when Lucas Boring, president, learned about […]

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Self Driving Cars Soon To Be Affordable

In the future soon self driving cars will be affordable for everyone. Even now cars are equipped with motion sensors, automatic turning headlights, infrared night vision and laser technology with automatic steering for parallel parking and automatic cruise control that follows the car in front of you at a safe distance, whether you are […]

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