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    Casa Blanca, formerly known to the Mexicans as La Tierra Amontonada, named for the Hohokam ruin mound nearby, was one of the Pima Villages on the Gila River in what was then part of the state of Sonora, Mexico. It was encountered by the American expedition of Stephen W. Kearny in 1846 and later by Americans on their way to California on the Southern Emigrant Trail during the California Gold Rush. Following the Gadsden Purchase the Pima Villages became part of New Mexico Territory. In 1857, the San Antonio-San Diego Mail Line passed through the village on the way between Maricopa Wells and Tucson.

    In 1858 when Lieutenant A. B. Chapman, of the 1st Dragoons, took the first census of the Pimas and Maricopas, he found a Pima population of 535; 110 warriors, 425 women and children led by a Captain named Chelan at this village now named Casa Blanca. The next year another official census was taken by the special Indian Agent that showed Casa Blanca had 491 Pimas, broken down as 50 Aged, 146 Men, 103 Women, 105 Boys, 87 Girls, led by Captain Candela.

    Also enumerated were 30 cattle and 46 horses. The 1860 Census showed a total Pima population of 323 composed of 71 Male heads of household, 66 Female heads, 82 Male Children 87 female children and 17 Other males and females. It also show they had 164 horses and 102 cattle and 59 farmers tilled 587 acres of improved land.