Future Cars Could be 80% Lighter & Made Of Wood Pulp Parts

People in Japan are trying to find a way to replace parts of cars with a lighter material that is strong using wood pulp. With the introduction of electric cars coming fast into the market, the need for heavy metal vehicles is diminishing. There are even researchers out there trying to find ways to make plastic resistant against strong heat.

Future Cars Could be 80% Lighter & Made Of Wood Pulp Parts

Here is an article from the BBC, by Virginia Harrison – a business reporter in Singapore on how wood pulp might make cars 80% lighter and just as strong…

Researchers in Japan are working to create a strong material out of wood pulp that could replace steel parts in vehicles within a decade.
Work is also charging ahead in the country to develop plastics that can withstand high temperatures, to replace metal for parts near the engine.

These innovations are part of a wider industry push to make cars lighter.

“There is a rush to try and cut as much weight as possible, especially on cars which will pollute more, like SUVs [sports utility vehicles] or pick-up trucks,” says Paolo Martino, principal automotive components analyst at IHS Markit.

Slimmer cars consume less fuel. The US Department of Energy says a 10% reduction in vehicle weight can improve fuel economy by up to 8%.


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