How To Seal Sound In Your Car With Soundscreen Glass

There is a special kind of glass that seals sound inside the car, read about it below.

Do We Install Soundscreen Windshields?

Many people know what they want in a windshield, and will ask about specific glass manufacturers, like Carlite. We are often asked if we can provide Carlite soundscreen glass. The short answer is yes.

What Is Carlite Soundscreen Glass?

Soundscreen glass and glass with acoustic interlayer are designed to enhance the sound of stereo systems in vehicles. The glass helps greatly reduce sound transmission from inside the car to the outside of the car.

The Ford Motor Company recommends Carlite glass above all other soundscreen glass manufacturers and it can be installed in windshields, side windows, backlights, sunroofs and moonroofs.

What Types Of Vehicles Can Use Carlite Soundscreen Glass?

Ford Lincoln Mercury


View the chart below from to see how the soundscreen actually works..

carlite soundscreen glass

Unique Fact About Carlite Soundscreen

Not all glass manufacturers make all the glass needed for all vehicle models. Carlite only makes glass for Fords, Lincolns and Mercuries, and the chart above shows the dramatic difference it makes.

Windshield glass does not generally provide UV protection, but Carlite soundscreen glass does have it, equivalent to SPF 157.

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