Can They Replace My Windshield in the Rain?

If it’s raining outside, your windshield can only be replaced using a mobile auto glass service when there is enough cover for up to 4 hours afterward.

Below are the reasons why…

To protect your car’s interior

During the replacement of your windshield is being replaced, old glass is removed. This means that the interior section of your car is exposed for almost 40 minutes. If you decide to replace your windshield on a rainy day with no cover, your interior may end up getting interior rainwater damage. Especially if it is rainy and windy at the same time.

To protect the technicians

It will be unfair to replace a windshield in the rain and without cover especially for the installers since they will be exposed to the elements of the weather putting them in harm’s way.

To protect the vehicle’s window repair or replacement

If it storms or rains too hard, it can put pressure on the windshield, tape or adhesive that holds the new windshield in place, which can interrupt the molding process, causing the windshield to not bind properly.


Do not put your car through a high pressure car wash for a minimum of 48 hours. The pressure of the water against a new installation can displace the moldings. Allow your windshield, adhesive and moldings the full 48 hours to become set and dry. A hand wash, however, is acceptable during that time.

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